Take your game to the next level

Pixel Perfect PR is a boutique PR agency specializing in video games. We pride ourselves on providing professional, bespoke communications to our clients large and small.

We’re experts in our field and have decades of experience with the video game press and industry.

Whether it’s utilizing our network of games media contacts, finding influencers for your niche game, social media outreach, or just bouncing questions off us, we’re with you every step of your game development journey. We’ll even grab the extinguisher and help you put out the fires at short notice.

Our Clients Say…

“Jesse and Damiano were very open about what we should do PR-wise and helped push the game to a new audience. They were very professional on the job and did a thorough follow up on the actions they took.
Give them a try!”

Michaƫl Giraud, Escape from Norwood

“The Pixel Perfect PR strategy for our game has been like a masterstroke in a complex puzzle: meticulously calculated and executed with precision. They’re making a difference.”

Paolo Nicoletti,
The Crazy Hyper-Dungeon Chronicles

Media Relations

We’ll get your game in front of the press and deal with communication.


Unsure of how your ideas will be received? We’ll help you with questions and guidance.

Influencer Outreach

Get your game discovered, streamed, and watched by players of your niche.

Full End-to-End Launch Support

We’re here to be partners from start to finish.

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