About Us

Damiano Gerli

Damiano has been a gaming industry professional for many years and has worked with developers, streamers, influencers, content creators and PR from all over the world. He is Pixel Perfect’s influencer expert, with personal experience on Twitch and YouTube, and he follows the platforms closely.

He is passionate about gaming history and design, and he has worked with publishers and developers to dive underneath the hood of their games to see what works and what doesn’t.

If he’s not busy chasing down the most obscure nuggets of history, he’s probably playing the latest indie game.

Jesse Gregoire

Jesse has worked for some of the world’s largest video game websites as a journalist and has even been in charge of them as editor-in-chief. He has also worked in game development as a copy editor, ensuring that game localisations meet expectations.

With all of this editorial experience, Jesse has honed his press network and is an expert in video game communications. He’s got you covered on everything from press releases to marketing your game and outlining an action plan.

When he’s not behind the computer, you can find him out on long walks with his dog.

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